Points of Interest

Campus Trail

Scenic Points

1. Maple Tree

2. Delaware City Gazebo Park

3. Oak Tree

4. Monet Garden

5. Blue Limestone Lake

6. House Sparrow Tree

7. Bench by University Hall

8. Sulfur Spring

9. Selby Field Parking lot

10. Bench by Elliot Hall

Project Points

1. Campus Community Garden

2 & 3 Delaware Run Restoration

Mingo Park Trail

Scenic Points


2. Bench

3. Bench

Project Points

1. Rails to Trails

2. Streamside Conservation Project

Blue Limestone Park Trail

Scenic Points

1. Clearing (Birds, etc…)

2. Clearing (Birds, etc…)

3. Grassland/power lines (herps)

4. clearing (peacocks!)

5. Bridge (deer)


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Pictures from Blue Limestone Park Trail

Blue Limestone Park Trail: For more experienced walkers/hikers (foot trail in the woods)

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Pictures from Mingo trail

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Info Packets

Info Packets:

To be given to Admissions (or whoever gets this) for proper formatting; contains all information that might be useful (to be edited or arranged as people see fit), along with images and depictions of potential layouts.

Trading Card Info Packet

Pamphlet Info Packets (for a printed map that can be folded in three like a pamphlet, with map on the inside and additional info on related topics)

Maps with trails to be handed in as ArcGIS files

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updated trading cards and points on trails



Begin and end at admissions

Scenic Points: Short Trail (1+ hour round trip)

  • Monet Garden
  • Blue Limestone
    • Lake (inverts and fish)
    • Delaware Run
  • Sanborn (Behind)
  • Austin Manor garden
  • Bench by Eliot Hall (introduced and native plants/trees, various critters)
  • Bench by University Hall (introduced and native plants/trees, various critters)
  • Sulfur Spring
  • Oak Tree in between Bashford and Thomson
  • Maple Tree in front of Sturges
  • Bush by HamWil (house sparrows)
  • City Gazebo Park
  • Selby Field Parking-lot: herps

Project Points: Short Trail

  • Blue Limestone: various points
  • campus garden

Scenic Points: long trail (3+ hour round trip)

  • ((All of the short trail scenic points))
  • Olentangy River
  • Blue Limestone (back entrance)
  • Residential Gardens

Project Points: Long trail

  • ((All of the short trail project points))
  • Rain garden
  • Rails to trails

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Updated Schedule

March 16, 21, 23

  • Orthophoto data plot in GIS
  • habitat definitions
  • contact professors to see where they7 take students
  • cards
  • info for back of map

March 26

  • walk around Delaware
  • pick trail, points of interest (GPS), photos

March 28, 30

  • GIS- plot out trail and points
  • possible walking around Delaware


  • GIS data and map
  • layout and design

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habitat document


Various micro-habitat categories:

Woods area covered by various types and ages of trees, with leaf little on the ground

Open woodland– large grassy area with few/some large, older trees and/or bushes

Grassland- taller-grasses and shrubbery, un-kept areas with few or no trees

Open Lawn and garden– large grassy areas with few or no trees, purposeful planting, non-native

River/Stream– running water surrounded by riparian zone

Lake/Pond a lake or pond including its riparian zone

Gray spaces populated areas around people’s homes and other buildings, parking lots, basketball courts

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